Summary Edit

Stéphane Portha, commonly known as "Unixmad" is a French businessman. He was born on July 19th, 1966, needless to say, he hasn't aged very well. He is the current owner of Eurocenter, the parent company of Graal Online. Stéphane acquired Graal some time ago from Stefan Knorr. He quickly gained infamy for his unethical business practices, changing Graal from a free-to-play game into a pay-to-play model despite objections of the playerbase.

"Graal costs money to develop and to host (datacenter, computer, bandwidth) so is it just stupid like you say to ask 1.5USD a month to play Zone. If I could buy my bread for free, pay my apartment renting for free, pay server for free and pay my taxes for free i will be more than happy to make Graal free."

-Stéphane Portha explaining the logistics behind his implementation of trial accounts, circa 2007

Unsurprisingly as a Frenchman he possesses some sort of affinity towards bread, which often caused confusion when he wrote poor analogies in broken English involving bread economics. Some believe he has attributed to the decline of Graal Online's playerbase and its eventual demise. Other questionable means of management include threatening to sue players with the use of "International Lawyers" and making inappropriate remarks to children playing his game.

Recent Events Edit

Over the recent years Stéphane has become increasingly less active in Graal Online. Some evidence points to him liquidating Graal and moving out of France, likely to avoid prosecution for fraud and cyber-squatting. 

He has also made efforts to remove documentation exposing him from the internet, which has resulted in the official wikipedia Graal Online article being taken down, as well as numerous copyright strikes against YouTube users.


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